Iranian , Asylum Are In totally unfair decisions

Unfair Decisions Against Iranian Refugee

Iranian Asylum are In threat if deportation (Source: Saman Hajibabaei)
Asylum Lives Matters
USPA NEWS - Iranian refugees, and Asylum seekers are in totally unfair decisions
In Germany,
we are witnessing these days that Iranian refugees, even individuals with very clear cases, are at serious risk if they return to their home Iran,
They are in Directly threat of death, execution, and imprisonment in case of they go back to Iran.
And the sadness is that Germany rejecting their asylum Request!
The Islamic Republic of Iran , and Ayatollah Khamenei show no mercy. To any one protest against them inside or outside of country as an example you can search the name of mr Jamshid Sharmahd.

Many celebrities are got Travel bans And Also some of them are in Prison, like Mehdi Yarrahi .
And Approximately 600 people have been brutally killed in Iran in the past year.
Many people inside Iran have been victims of gunshot wounds,
resulting in the loss of their eyesight.
Unfortunately, these days we are strongly confronted with painful news that the German government is rejecting asylum requests from Iranians who are seriously threatened,
even within the borders of Germany, for reasons that seem inexplicable.
Many individuals are in grave danger, and the federal government of Germany, despite being fully aware of the conditions in Iran, rejects asylum requests from Christians, serious political activists, and families who have no other option but to seek refuge. This rejection casts a deep shadow over the lives of these asylum seekers, who live in constant fear.

The decision-makers seem oblivious to the negative impact of their actions on the lives and future of these asylum seekers, who have no means of returning to their home country. They subject them to terrifying challenges in their daily lives. It's unclear whether we can label these decision-makers as racist, but it is evident that their lack of compassion prevents them from considering the grave risks these families would face if forced to return to Iran.

Do these decision-makers bear no responsibility if these individuals face execution and imprisonment upon their return? The answer to this question lies with you.

Saman Hajibabaei
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